Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Release & Important Information

Happy Fall Everyone!

Now that it's officially the harvest season, I start to get really into the spirit of things. Who doesn't love dressing up for Halloween, carving pumpkins, or drinking warm apple cider? I do! have a few tidbits of news to share with all you STiLETTO Fans!First of all, I have opened a new side shop! Now, you can find
~Mystic Sky~ merchandise in Dark Dreams! Just TP in and wait to rez, because my cart is right in front of you on your right, and Skyler John's dresses and suits are across the walkway! So come on down and check out the sim!

Next.... NEW RELEASE! Yes, Already! This is one of my favorite builds to date. This beautiful garland is made with a soft wooden vine that has leaves of every shade twisted around it to create the most beautiful representation of this festive season. This fully sculpted, low lag, garland can be yours for only 150L. Come by the stores today and try out a demo, before you buy!

Last, I will be having surgery, Tuesday, September 29. I should be home that same day, but if there are, in fact, complications, I wont be back on SL for at least a Week. If it is an emergency, you can contact me via email:, or by skype at: mandypandy82 as I should have my iPhone with me.

Love you all, and thanks for your continued support!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Release - Flower Garland

Don't say good-bye to summer just yet! This week's STiLETTO release is a set of beautiful hand-made flower garland headdresses. There are two styles for you to choose from: Silver or Gold.

Each one consists of two metals bands twisted around each other. Then, each wreath has life-like gold or silver leaves arranged upon the metal bases. Next, the freshest lilies, roses and daisies are then placed in bunches around each head piece in three beautiful colors.

Nothing says "Heavenly" like our all white wreaths. This set matches all of the gorgeous dresses by ~Mystic Sky's~ Designer, Skyler John. The beautiful red and white roses are a true piece of elegance for any romantic medieval wedding. And last, but not least, the spring mix garlands. This arrangement was put together as STiLETTO's last goodbye to our sweet summertime memories.

When you choose the color of metal you'd like, you get all three colors in one box! All of this for only $200L. So, come by and try out our demo, today! And, remember, these garlands can only be found at ~Mystic Sky~!

Amanda Lemay

STiLETTO P&D finally has a blog!!

Finally a milestone for STiLETTO P&D! I have been running STiLETTO since 2004, and am so excited to finally have a blog up and going! Let me tell you a little bit about my Second Life company.

STiLETTO Productions & Designs is a company I created named after my most favorite shoe. The reason I choose this name was because my very first "real" build back in 2004--as a 13 day old newbie--was a giant, poseball scripted high heel chair. Building that chair was the start of a very addicting love for me, building. A lot of people get confused and ask, "Where are your shoes?" and I have to explain to them I don't make shoes, yet... and then tell them the story about the blocky, snakeskin, stiletto-shaped chair.
Picture at right is a 2004 advertisement I posted in many places around SL.

The newest venture for STiLETTO P&D right now is an exclusive line of Medieval/Victorian/Romance themed accessories for Skyler John's store, ~Mystic Sky~! Located at

My first release is a beautiful flower head garland. I will post pictures and a more detailed description in a few moments after this post.

For all the STiLETTO Fans that have been in the group for the last few years, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking by me and I can't wait to keep releasing new products out for you all to enjoy! Have a wonderfully pleasant day!


Amanda Lemay

STiLETTO P&D - Owner